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October 2nd, 2018

Thumb exercise

  • Use all of your fingers

Free Strokes

  • 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 on the RH/LH, 8 on the RH/LH, 12 on the RH/LH, 16 on the RH/LH, all the way up to 10 groups of 4 on each hand

Traditional Grip

16th notes RH lead accented single strokes

  • 140 bpm for 8 measures is the long term goal

  • Right hand will accent all the downbeats (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Focus on control and clarity, and this week spend time playing it for a few minutes at slow tempos

  • Apply Faster Hands Practice System (max speed is 110 bpm)

Jazz ride motion

  • Remember to “do less” on beats 1 and 3, meaning don’t squeeze the stick against your palm, maintain the openness that you have on 2 and 4

  • In regards to your wrist, visualize “whipping”

Jazz time feel development

  • Set metronome to triplets at 40 bpm

  • Play jazz time with ride, hi-hat and bass drum

  • Vocalize the downbeats by saying “bop”

  • Once that is comfortable vocalize the “trip” by saying “bop”

  • Once that is comfortable vocalize the “let” by saying “bop”

  • Once you can vocalize every part of the triplet while playing jazz time, introduce your left hand playing the Triplet Grid and go through each one vocalizing the downbeat, the “trip,” and the “let”

Paradiddle Permutations with 16th note Grid on hi-hats

  • Pay close attention to the dynamics between your snare taps and accents

  • Make sure the hi-hat has definition

  • Run through the Grid on your hi-hat. #1, 2, 6, 14, and 16 are the ones I find to be most common musically

  • You can either run through all Grid variations on 1 paradiddle permutation, or run through all paradiddle permutations with the same Grid variation. Totally up to you


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