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December 13th, 2018

Right handed accented single stroke roll Faster Hands (100 bpm is the max)

  • If you need to take a time out and work on getting your left hand to play taps correctly that’s not only fine, but encouraged

Left handed accented single stroke roll Faster hands (find your max)

Bass drum doubles exercise 2 (find your max)

  • One measure of RRFF RRFF RRFF RRFF

  • One measure of LLFF LLFF LLFF LLFF

  • One measure of RLFF RLFF RLFF RLFF

  • One measure of hands together on snare and ride followed by two feet

  • Quarter notes with your left foot on the hi-hat if you’d like

Bass drum doubles exercise 1 w/ Stick Control p.5

  • Each sticking refers to the entire phrase of RLFF

  • A “R” sticking means you are going to accent your right hand and tap your left hand

  • A “L” sticking means you are going to tap your right hand and accent your left hand

  • Once you work out the hands, try it at 60 bpm, 75 bpm, and 90 bpm

Groove Freedom p.4

  • Get acquainted with how it’s presented

  • Take a look at p.5 as well if you feel so inclined


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