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May 24th, 2018

Free Strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

Double stroke roll exercise (Digga Digga Burr)

  • Keep playing full strokes but relax your hands. Don’t “try” to play loud, just let the sticks rebound and do their thing

  • 50 bpm set to 16th notes, doubles will match 16th note speed. Singles will play every other metronome count

3’s on hands

  • Play at a tempo where your sticks are going straight up and down.

  • Remember it’s 2 measures of 3’s per hand

  • Don’t move forearm, play from wrist

  • Start slower than 50 bpm so your left hand can feel just as comfortable as your right

Paradiddle Pyramid- slow down ones that are giving you problems

  • As written with no accents

  • tap strokes

Linear Drumming p.3 w/ Grid #1-6, #10-13

  • Play 3 bars of an essential beat with the linear pattern during the 4th bar so you can get a feel for going from a beat into the fill pattern and back to the fill

  • Work on playing quarter note LF hi-hat with the basic pattern in step 1. Take it note by note, beat by beat. Your mind understands it, you just have to let your body get a feel for it now


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