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May 23rd, 2018

Free Strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 on RH/4 on LH, 8 on RH/8 on LH, 12 on RH/12 on LH etc.. adding 4 more each time

Doubles exercise (Digga Digga Burr)

3’s on hands

Paradiddle Pyramid- FREE STROKES

  • As written with no accents

  • Medium strokes

Euphoria- Let me know your progress on this

Paradiddle permutation beats with Linear Drumming p.4

  • HH Grid #14 (Grid #16 if you’re ready to move on)

  • 3 bars of paradiddle beat permutations followed by 1 bar of Linear Drumming p.4

  • For p.4, apply Grid #1-6 to beats 2 and 4, with Grid rhythm being played on the snare. RH on snare for downbeats and &’s, LH on snare for e’s and a’s

  • For p.4, remember this system for beats 1 and 3

                 a. Accent both RH for beats 1 and 3

                 b. Accent RH for beat 1, LH for beat 3

                 c. Accent both LH for beats 1, 3

                 d. Accent LH for beat 1, RH for beat 3


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