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May 25th, 2019

Thumb exercise

Free strokes

  • 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • Do these on a pad so you can get full rebounds- you need a new snare head haha

  • Make sure your wrist is bent all the way up with the stick against your palm

Hand speed test 1: goal is 75 bpm for 1 minute

  • 1 bar of RH accented singles, 1 bar doubles, 1 bar RH 3’s, 1 bar LH 3’s, repeat with LH lead. Alternate back and forth each cycle between RH lead and LH lead

Bass doubles speed: Goal is 90 bpm for 1 minute

  • 80 is good, 85 lost it, so start around there

Double bass hertas with Grid #1-18

  • RH playing Grid #1, snare on 2

  • Focus on clarity and accuracy

  • 55 bpm, speed up when you’re ready

  • Same thing but with RH playing Grid #2

  • Start at 40 bpm

Paradiddle Beat Permutations p.1

  • Line #1 with HH: Grid #1-18

  • Count 16th notes out loud, that will help you put the hi-hats in the right places

  • Focus on differentiating between ghost notes and accent on snare


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