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May 23rd, 2018

Free Strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • Keep your “thumbprint” on the stick instead of the side of your thumb

Double stroke roll exercise

  • Four 16th note singles followed by four 16th note singles played as doubles. Alternate between the two at least 4 times.

  • Start using a metronome, starting at 55 bpm set to 16th  notes. Double strokes will match the metronome speed

Double stroke roll motion

  • First step is exactly like first step of free strokes

  • Second step uses the fingers to get the second stroke

Paradiddle Pyramid

  • Medium strokes

Paradiddle Beat Permutations

  • Lines 1-8 w/ HH Grid #2 accenting Grid #1

  • Break down whipping motion bit by bit as you put the beats together

  • Remember that there are two paradiddle hits for every HH hit

  • Be dramatic with the HH hits on the &’s. Pretend you’re a puppet and someone is pulling your wrist up. It’s a whipping motion


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