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October 13th, 2018

Thumb exercise

Free Strokes

  • Make sure movement is just coming from your wrist and you aren’t moving your forearms

La Fiesta solo idea

  • RH pattern on snare/tom/floor tom sounds great

  • Work on alternating between tom/snare, floor tom/snare, tom/floor tom

  • Play pattern on ride with bass drum and work on accenting different left hand ghost notes. Once you’re comfortable with this, at a slow tempo start improvising with different accent patterns in the groove. Once you find one or two that you like and you think sound good, work on getting those up to speed.

  • Alternating single strokes accenting the 6/8 pattern

  • Treat this more as a melody on the drums then a “hit everything I possibly can” thing.

  • As you get comfortable with this, if you start hearing variations within the rhythm, play them! Treat it like a call and response sort of thing

La Fiesta beats

  • 190 bpm is the goal

  • Work on rim clicks. You were keeping your fingers curled around the stick which makes it very hard to pick up securely. Try to keep the grip between your pointer finger and thumb but spread the rest of your fingers out (extended) on the snare head so that they can wrap back around the stick when you pick it back up

Chart reading

  • P. 24- set up with bass, accent with crash and snare

  • Take notice of the tempo suggestions


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