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May 26th, 2019

The Lion King

  • Measure 26: Alternate between playing just the RH on the hi-hat and then adding the left hand in. Notice how they’re the same exact beat, all you’re doing is throwing in your left hand to lead into the RH downbeat. Count out loud, pay attention to your counting, the changes happen on beat 1

  • Measure 30: Any time you see a 16th note based pattern, the first thing to try is to see if your RH can play on all the 8th note components and if your LH can play on all the “e’s” and “a’s”. Because then you’re just playing alternating singles, which is the easiest way to approach new rhythms. This concept applies to this beat. RH on every 8th note component, LH on every “e” and “a”

  • Measure 37: Apply the same alternating hand concept to this. Don’t rush beat 4

  • Measures 130 and 138: Apply same alternating hand concept

  • Work on counting through repeat measures (like we do with chart reading) so you don’t get lost


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