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October 14th, 2018

Rompe Cabeza

  • Email teacher and find out what counts the rim clicks are on

  • Have mom take clear pictures of sheet music and text to me

Jazz ride motion

  • Remember to extend your fingers on 2 and 4

  • Remember to keep the stick tip always moving, whip it back to send it down on beats 2 and 4

Bop Drumming p.18

  • It sounds great. Your ride is doing the motion and your hi-hat is now a part of it, and the first two exercises are down

  • Work on the second line, and continue on through the page if you can

  • Remember to keep your right hand sideways, bring your hand/arm up for the whip on beats 2 and 4, and keep your fingers relaxed so they can extend with the stick after beats 2 and 4


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