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February 17th, 2019

2-3/3-2 cascara pattern with HH on 2 and 4

  • Use a metronome. You did 120 bpm set to 8th notes. Keep pushing the tempo so you’re prepared for whatever speed the song is at

  • ALWAYS count out loud while playing

  • Drop your leg when you play the hi-hat instead of just using your ankle

2-3 cascara pattern (solo style)

  • Play 8th notes and accent 2-3 pattern on the snare (add in the hi-hat on 2 and 4 for this and all other versions)

  • Then play 8th notes and accent 2-3 pattern on the rack tom

  • Then alternate between one 2-3 pattern on the snare and the next 2-3 pattern on the rack tom

  • Then alternate between one MEASURE (so half the pattern) on the snare with the following MEASURE (second half of the pattern) on the rack tom

  • Then switch so you start with the first half on the rack tom and the second half on the snare

  • Finally, alternate each 2-3 accent between snare and rack tom

  • Repeat the same process using the floor tom instead of the rack tom (your left hand will play the rack tom instead of crossing over to the floor tom)

JazzEd charts

  • Listen to the recordings so you have a reference point for when you play it. Get to the point where you can hum them to yourself

  • Blue ‘N’ Boogie- Dizzy Gillespie

  • I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart- Duke Ellington

  • Duet- Count Basie

  • Send me So Easy

Chart reading p. 13

  • Go slow enough so that you can focus on your counting

  • Lines 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • For line 3, remember to play a quarter note ride on beat 2 in the fourth measure before the set up and figure

Bop Drumming p.18

  • Get reacquainted with the page

  • No bass drum for now


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