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February 14th, 2019

Free strokes

  • Focus on your wrist springing back with the stick after the hit. That’s the only thing you need to work on, everything else looks awesome

Accented single stroke rolls

  • Don’t move your right arm forward and backward for the accents

  • Don’t let your tap strokes buzz, they should be relaxed, single stroes

Paradiddle Pyramid with accents

  • Accent the first note of each sticking

  • Diddle diddle paradiddles are all full strokes

  • Second from last line accents the first two right hands of the double paradiddle (and first two left hands when the pattern repeats)

Double stroke rolls

  • Two hits per hand

  • Play 4 single hits, then 4 double hits. Doubles will be twice as fast as the singles

  • Get each hit to feel like a free stroke where the stick rebounds right up off of the pad


  • Right hand is pointing at the ceiling, left hand is low. Drop them at the same time. Reverse hands for left hand flam


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