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October 13th, 2018

Thumb exercise

Free Strokes

  • 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 hits on RH/LH, 8 hits on RH/LH, 12 hits on RH/LH, 16 hits on RH/LH

Faster Hands (PDF with directions is in your portal) with accented 16th note single stroke roll (80 bpm is max)

  • 50%= 40, 60%= 48, 70%= 56, 80%= 64, 90%= 72

  • We did Day 1 today

  • Do this every day, it takes 6 minutes. If you do miss a day, when you come back to it redo the day you left off at. If you do Day 3 and skip Day 4, when you come back do Day 3 again

Herta double bass Grid #1-9

  • Play 32nd note singles for each Grid rhythm, with alternating 16th note singles in between them.

  • Count 16th notes out loud. Remember that there are two 32nd notes in a 16th note, so only the first 32nd note will get a count

  • Play RH on beat 1 and beat 2 and snare on beat 2


  • Double bass part is sounding good, keep working on keeping the 16th notes even and switching to the triplets and back to the 16th notes

  • Don’t go too fast while you work on this

  • Start playing it to the song using the Amazing Slow Downer


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