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February 3rd, 2019

Thumb exercise

Free Strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 on RH/LH, 8 on RH/LH, 12 on RH/LH, 16 on RH/LH

  • Eliminate any windup before playing the stroke

Accented doubles exercise

  • Tap the first stroke and accent the second

  • Find a metronome tempo that works for you and do a minutes worth of the exercise before going into your faster hands

Doubles Faster Hands (max is 105 bpm)

  • Write down your progress so you don’t forget what day you’re on

  • We did Day 14 today

  • 50%= 52

  • 60%= 63

  • 70%= 73

  • 80%= 84

  • 90%= 94

Bass drum doubles Faster Hands exercise 2 (max is 80 bpm)

  • RH doubles followed with bass drum doubles for 1 measure

  • LH doubles followed with bass drum doubles for 1 measure

  • R/L followed by doubles for 1 measure

  • Hands together doubles followed by bass drum doubles for 1 measure

  • Quarter note hi-hat with left foot

  • 50%= 40

  • 60%= 48

  • 70%= 56

  • 80%= 64

  • 90%= 72

  • We did Day 1 today

Chart reading book p.13

  • Play through the page, doing each line 4 times in a row before moving to the next one

  • Do this with your setups on the snare and the ensemble figures being played with the crash and bass

  • Do this at 116 bpm, 141 bpm, and 166 bpm, all set to quarter notes

  • Remember that before the ensemble figure you have a quarter note set up, and before the quarter note set up you have a quarter note ride

  • FOCUS ON YOUR COUNTING. That is the biggest factor

  • Make sure setups are on the downbeats and you’re hitting the figures on the “let’s”

  • If you get through the snare setups do it all again with bass setups and snare/crash on the figures

Paradiddle Permutation Beats p.1

  • Grid #17 on HH

  • Paradiddle permutation beats #1-8

  • Work up to 60 bpm, make sure you are counting 16th notes out loud as you do this

  • Focus on snare ghost notes with left hand while playing regular hi-hat hits on right hand


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