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August 11th, 2018

Free strokes

  • Remember to maintain the step 1 “openness” in the stick when you try to put both motions together

  • Don’t let the stick rebound past pointing at the ceiling, that will pull your fingers out a little bit

  • It looks like you may have been doing step 2 a little incorrectly. After step 1, the stick CANNOT be moved. Your fingers can’t pull it back into your palm. You have to downward push your palm/forearm back to it

Foot free strokes

  • We need to make sure your heel doesn’t float in the air when your leg should be down.

  • Pretend your leg/foot is encased in cement, and you have a towel wrapped underneath it. Using your hands, you would pull up on each end of the towel so that it will lift your heavy leg, and then you’d just let go, so that your leg goes crashing to the ground. Since it’s cement, it won’t be bouncing back up (this is in reference to your heel). From there, figure out how to relax the front of your ankle/foot so that the beater can immediately rebound off of the head instead of being held against it

  • Use the video you took of my foot for reference

The Grid

  • Transitions sound like they’re good, so now practice 4x, 2x, 1x

  • Play each one 4 times in a row and immediately transition to the next, once you play #18 four times in a row go back to #1 and do each one twice in a row, once you get to #18 twice in a row go back to #1 and play straight through each one at 40 bpm set to 16th notes


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