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October 14th, 2018

Free strokes (full, medium, tap)

  • 40 bpm

  • 4 hits on the RH/4 hits on the LH, 8 hits on the RH/8 hits on the LH, 12 hits on the RH/12 hits on the LH, 16 hits on the RH/16 hits on the LH

Faster Hands accented single strokes (55 bpm is your max tempo, base percentages off that)

  • If you have to miss a day, start on the day you did last when you return (if you did Day 3 and skipped Day 4, when you come back start on Day 3 again)

  • Keep your pinkies on the stick


  • Go through slowly and familiarize yourself with the music

Bass drum doubles exercise

  • 1 measure of RRFF on floor tom

  • 1 measure of LLRR on snare

  • 1 measure of RLFF on snare

  • 1 measure of RR/LL(hands together) FF on snare/ride

  • Bass drum doubles should be even and solid. We’re working on building strength and consistency

  • Get a feel for it without a metronome first and then try it with a metronome set to 16th notes

  • Find your max speed and then start doing the Faster Hands system with this as well. If you only have time to do one of the Faster Hands, the accented single stroke rolls are your first priority

Groove Freedom (link to buy:

  • Continue working on the pages we’ve been doing if they aren’t up to speed

  • Your main focus is going to be on using your wrists and playing free strokesk and cutting out your arm movement

  • P. 24. This page introduces ghost notes, which are tap strokes played on the snare. The challenge is going to be playing a strong bass drum at the same time and not turning the tap into an accent

The Grid

  • Continue on from where you’re at. If you can play Grid #3 on the hi-hat while playing through the transitions, focus on playing 4x, 2x, 1x through the Grid at 40 bpm. If you can do that, move onto to Grid #4

  • Above The Neck Discipline 1- Just using your voice (and a metronome set to 40 bpm at 16th notes), be able to count through each Grid pattern, accenting the pattern with your voice. Repeat each one at least 16 times. Make it “groove.”

  • Don’t rush this. It’s not necessarily the most entertaining thing in the world so just do one or two Grid patterns at a time.

  • Dave DiCenso video:

Essential Beats w/ video if you’d like to


Click here. 

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