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August 11th, 2018

Free Strokes

  • First motion- Start with stick in your palm, all fingers on the stick, with your wrist bent up so stick is pointing at the ceiling

  • Flick your wrist down so that it is now straight and keep it straight, while allowing the stick to naturally rebound back up to the starting position.

  • As the stick rebounds up, it will bring your fingers out

  • The stick will pivot on your thumb but will never lose contact with it

  • Reset your hands, start the first motion again

Mixed quarter note/8th note sheet w/ counting

  • Count out loud

Mixed 8th note/16th note sheet w/ counting

  • Count out loud

The Grid

  • HH: Grid #1    Snare: beat “2”      Bass: Grid rhythms #1-18

  • Count 16th notes out loud

  • Loop each one on its own

  • Metronome at 40 bpm or slower set to 16th notes is a good tempo once you can do it on its own



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