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January 19th, 2019

Free strokes

  • 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 strokes on RH/4 on LH, 8 strokes on RH/8 on LH, so on

RH accented single stroke Faster Hands (max is 45 set to 16th notes)

  • We did Day 1 today

  • 50%= 22

  • 60%= 27

  • 70%= 31

  • 80%= 36

  • 90%= 40

  • Remember to keep all of your fingertips on the stick, don’t wind up

Bass drum doubles Faster Hands (max is 105 set to 8th notes, you will have a hit on every 8th note click)

  • We did Day 1 today

  • Make sure to lock in with the metronome

  • 50%= 52

  • 60%= 63

  • 70%= 73

  • 80%= 84

  • 90%= 94

  • Do this every day. If you have to miss a day, start on the day you did last when you come back to it. For example, if you did Day 3 and miss Day 4, when you come back to it, start up again on Day 3.

  • Goal is consistent, even, solid bass drum hits

  • Remember to check in with your right hand to make sure that it is rebounding back up all the way. You are sometimes stopping it halfway

The Grid

RH: #1-3 (separately. Right now you’re on #2)

  • 40 bpm set to 16th notes

  • Make counting 16th notes out loud your intention for this week. Lock in with the metronome

  • Loop each one over and over

Solo #3

  • 50 bpm is the starting point

  • Subdivide 16th notes (counting out loud) regardless of whatever metronome setting you’re on

Groove Freedom p.10

  • Focus on relaxing your left hand and playing smaller free stroke taps on the hi-hat. Focus on just using your wrist, your fingers are just following the stick. You don’t have to try to move your fingers at all

  • It will take some practice to balance the free stroke taps with the full stroke bass drum hits

  • Begin with section 1 and go from there. Remember that the focus is on your left hand, we already know that you can play the beats

  • Use a metronome, try 30 bpm set to 16th notes. We are not focused on speed so there is no reason to speed it up, if anything slow it down


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