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May 20th, 2018

Free Strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 on right, 4 on left, 8, 12, 16

  • Keep hands in ready position at all times, don’t rest on your leg, keep thumbs in correct position when you aren’t playing

  • Try eliminate any wind-up before a stroke. Stick should bounce back and end in the position it should start at, so no need to wind-up

  • Keep thumb straight and firmly in contact with stick

8 on a hand

  • 90-105-faster bpm set to 8th notes

  • 8 on right, 8 on left, combine to play a measure of single stroke rolls (RLRL RLRL)

  • On each drum, then split between 4 on snare/tom1, tom1/tom2, tom2/floor tom, then 2 on each drum

  • Hands should feel the same playing single stroke roll as they do when playing on their own

Doubles exercise

  • Start around 50-60 bpm set to 16th notes (16th notes will line up with double strokes)

  • 4 16th note singles, followed by 4 16th note singles played as doubles

  • Both double strokes should be even

  • Make sure left hand is rebounding up all the way to match your right hand

3’s on a hand (start at 60 bpm set to 16th notes, slowly begin to increases tempo)

  • 2 measures per hand, then switch (8 groupings of 3 per hand before switching)

  • Speed up by 5 bpm when you are comfortable at 60 bpm. Make sure your stick is hitting same part of drum each time, and is going straight up and down for the most part, as opposed to hitting completely different areas of the drum each time

Linear Drumming p.3 w/ Grid accents #14-17

  • Make sure hand taps and accents are even with the other hand

  • Go slow, these are more difficult to play correctly

Uma Thurman

  • Sounds great at 110 bpm. Work on last 4 measures at 130 so singles are comfortable and evenly spaced, then continue to speed up.

  • Make sure you are relaxed through 16th note single stroke rolls and use the rebounds to your advantage. Don’t try to force anything because then you end up rushing



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