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December 16th, 2018

Thumb exercise

Free Strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 on the RH/LH, 8 on the RH/LH, 12 on the RH/LH, 16 on the RH/LH

  • Make sure to catch stick in your palm so that the stick is pointing straight up at the ceiling

  • Keep the stick going straight down the middle of your hand (in between the pinky and thumb muscles). Keep your fingertips on the stick. If you have your fingers wrapped all the way around the stick then the stick will get pulled out of the center of your hand

Faster Hands RH accented single stroke rolls (max is 105)

  • We did Day 9 today

  • 50%= 52

  • 60%= 63

  • 70%= 73

  • 80%= 84

  • 90%= 94

  • Focus on right hand grip

  • Focus on playing relaxed, consistent free stroke taps

  • Always check in with your left hand to make sure it’s relaxed

Bop Drumming p.18

  • Try adding quarter note bass drums to the first four lines

  • Remember to keep your ride motion happening, the stick needs to whip back right before beats 2 and 4

  • Try to play your hi-hat by leading with your heel. Instead of picking your foot up off the pedal flat footed, peel with your heel so that the front of your ankle is “spring loaded,” then use that spring to bounce your foot off and back onto the pedal


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