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May 26th, 2019

Free strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • Make sure the stick goes straight down the middle of your hand

  • Make sure the stick comes back up against your palm to end each stroke

  • Have a relaxed grip, someone should be able to pull the sticks right out of your hands

Hand speed test 1: 75 bpm for 1 minute is the goal

  • 1 bar of RH accented singles, 1 bar of doubles, 1 bar of RH 3’s, 1 bar of LH 3’s, repeat cycle with LH lead

  • Alternate cycles between RH lead and LH lead

Foot speed Bass doubles exercise: goal is 90 bpm for 1 minute

  • RLFF with left foot HH quarter notes

  • Remember to play free strokes with your hands

  • You’re at 80-85 bpm

  • Focus on the symmetry of your hands. Your RH tends to be a lot higher than your left

Bop Drumming p.23

  • 70 bpm set to triplets

  • Lines 3-4 (continue on if you get through them quickly)

  • We’re going for that really smooth, loose feeling. Your ride motion is looking really good


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