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October 9th, 2018

Free Strokes at 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 on the right/4 on the left, 8 on the right/8 on the left, 12 on the right/12 on the left, 16 on the right/16 on the left

8 on a hand

  • Focus on holding the left stick correctly, with the stick going straight down the middle of your hand. Right now it’s sticking out to the side

Accented RH singles (16th notes)

  • Be relaxed, accent every downbeat (1, 2, 3, and 4)

  • Go as slow as you need to in order to play it perfectly

Double strokes

  • Switch between RR LL RR LL, making sure to use your fingers like we learned how to do in steps 1 and 2. Make sure your hits are even, no pauses in between hands

  • Make sure your fingers are extending on step 1

Paradiddle Pyramid 1

  • Keep focusing on technique, it’s sounding really good

Groove Freedom (pages 4-9 are in your sheet music folder)

  • P. 5 with a metronome at 40 bpm set to 16th notes

  • Count 16th notes out loud, focus on playing bass drums in correct spots with the metronome and counts

  • Repeat each beat


  • Song at 75%

  • Sounds great, but you need to listen/focus on counts

  • The parts where the beat drops out and comes back in tend to be rushed


August 3rd, 2018

Free Strokes (working on second motion)

  • From the end of the first motion, pretend that the stick is frozen in time and space.

  • You need to bring your palm back to the stick, so you’ll have a little downward push from the wrist to make that happen

  • You will be ending exactly how you start motion one

Triplet Grid 1-18

  • Quarter note hi-hat with left foot

  • Keep it slow, between 40-60 bpm set to triplets

6/8 Afro Cuban

  • Sounds really good, work on blending the bass in dynamically with the rest of the groove

  • We’ll work on The Art of Bop Drumming with this next time, but for now use the Triplet Grid rhythms to work on bass drum independence


  • Measure 1- make sure your snare taps are very different dynamically from your snare accents

  • Beats 2 and 4 have snares on the “e” and the “a.” There is no snare on the “&” of beats 2 and 4

Cascara measures 9-10

  • Ride, rim-click and bass drum

  • Ride, rim-click and hi-hat

  • Hi-hat and bass on their own

  • Everything put together


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