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August 30th, 2018

Grid possibilities

  • Flam taps- double stroke roll with flams on the first RH and first LH. Remember that you will be playing a tap stroke with the same hand that played the flam.

  • Flam tap Grid rhythms #1-17. After tap, if there isn’t another accent play alternating singles until the next rhythm comes up


  • Bass drum: Grid patterns #1-18  Snare drum: Beat 2 Right hand: Loop Grid #7-9   (Left foot HH optional)

  • When you start it will take 3 measures of 2/4 to cycle back to the beginning of the right hand pattern. Once you can cycle through #7-9 while your bass drum plays Grid #1-18, do the 4x, 2x, 1x format. This will force you to change bass drum patterns in the middle of the RH cycle


  • Hertas with hands and feet

  • Plays 32nd note singles on Grid rhythms and 16th note singles for counts in-between rhythms


  • Remember that you can add any Grid pattern foot combination while you’re working on your hands


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