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August 3rd, 2018

Free strokes

  • 40 bpm set to quarter notes

  • 4 on right/4 on left, 8 on right/8 on left, 12 on right/12 on left, 16 on right/16 on left

8 on a hand

Double stroke roll exercise

  • Singles on “1 & 2 &” and doubles on “3 e & a 4 e & a”

Paradiddle Pyramid 1

  • Line 1- paradiddles. Get comfortable playing them, say “paradiddle” as you play them

  • Line 2- double paradiddle. Say “double paradiddle” as you play them

  • Line 3- triple paradiddle. Say “triple triple paradiddle” as you play them

  • Line 4- paradiddle diddle. Say “paradiddle diddle” as you play them

  • Line 5- diddle diddle paradiddle. Say “diddle diddle paradiddle” as you play them

  • Line 6- double paradiddle double paradiddle paradiddle, say “double paradiddle double paradiddle paradiddle” as you play them

The Grid

  • HH: Grid #3, Snare: beat 2, Bass: Grid #1-9

  • Metronome set to 25 bpm at 16th notes

  • Count 16th notes out loud


  • Keep track of the beat, sometimes you put the snare in silly places

  • Keep your hands even!


  • Keep track of where you are in the beat

  • Don’t slow your right hand down after hitting a crash

  • Keep your hands even


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